Special presentations with Prezi

prezi A long time ago, I had heard of the elegant presentations by Prezi and the truth is that I decided to try it myself.

The truth is that Prezi presentations are colorful because they use movements and forms that make the viewer moving with the explanation.

It is a very simple process but original and colorful. This dazzles the viewer. Read more ›

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wordpressToday I would like to talk about this wonderful platform that can be used as a blog or website.

A weblog or blog is a website that consists of articles of opinion or thoughts of an author, organized chronologically on a given topic. Read more ›

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eTwinningToday I am going to speak about a very interesting platform and I think that it can be useful for teachers.

The platform is called eTwinning and it is a site where teachers and students can work with different kinds of interactive activities. Read more ›

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I can’t watch youtube videos in exe when using moodle 2.2!

helpThe other day a colleague asked me that question because she was desperate. The fact was that she had created a unit in exelearning, which is a superb software for doing it, and she had embedded youtube videos inside. When she fit that unit in moodle 2.2, she noticed that it was no possible to watch the video but the rest of the contents were clearly watched. Read more ›

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Drama in the classroom

theatreThere are some teachers who do not trust the use of drama in the classroom. This may be due to fear to something that is unknown or because they do not think that this could work in their classrooms.

Some of them think that students are too immature to follow the activity and others think the opposite as their students are too old for it.

I personally think that it is a very useful tool especially in the use of CLIL in the classroom and it can be used in another situation. Read more ›

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